After sales service

Our service is there for you - in Fellbach or on your site

You can count on reliable service for the entire service life of your machine. Our services provide you with the right solution - whether that is in our workshop, on the construction site, with the spare parts service or by instructing the users in how to use the machine.

Your advantages:

  • Fast service
  • Expert advice
  • No long downtimes
  • No expensive stoppages

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Spare parts service

How to contact us:

Monday to Thursday: 07:30 to 17:00
Friday: 07:30 to 15:30
German/English: Phone: +49 711 957930-905
  Fax: +49 711 957930-50
French: Phone: +49 711 957930-49
  Fax: +49 711 957930-60
Electronic: Spare parts request via form or mail to
Download: Return slip

Genuine parts, reliability, durability and rapid availability

Only genuine spare parts offer you the best for your machine, ensuring premium quality, reliability and durability. Tailored to perfectly meet the requirements of the machine and its user, installation is not difficult.

Our service specialists advise you when purchasing and ensure a smooth process. A well sorted spare parts warehouse and speedy logistics mean that we provide the required genuine part in the shortest possible time. Our spare parts service gets parts to you on the construction site.

We ship using UPS.
Orders received before 12:00 can generally be shipped the same day.
Please enter the preferred shipping type: Standard / Express  when ordering.


Agree a service appointment.

Workshop appointment: Phone: +49 711 957930-21
Mobile service: Phone: +49 711 957930-900

Service form

or mail to

Expert assistance from the manufacturer - in the workshop or on site

At our plant in Fellbach, we carry out inspections, maintenance and overhauls, as well as repairs and servicing on your machine. We also install additional equipment in line with the manufacturer’s specifications.

With our workshop, mobile service engineers and well sorted parts warehouse, we help you as quickly as possible. We thus support you in sticking to your schedule.