Full control of spreading

ST chipping spreader

The ST-A and ST-W type chipping spreader versions are ideally suited for use in surface dressing.
Easy handling and even spreading pattern are the key features of schäfer-technic machinery. Constant chipping dosing reduces the proportion of loose chippings, thus ensuring more economical use of materials.

The ST-A type gravitational chipping spreader can be used for minor surface dressing jobs or for spreading supporting chippings. Easy installation means that the ST-A can be installed very quickly and on a range of different tipper bodies. This reduces setup times and increases flexibility.

The ST-W type roller chipping spreader offers an impressive area coverage and precise dosing. Chippings are spread evenly over the entire working width. The easy and variable attachment system enables the ST-W to be attached to all standard trucks.

The integrated hydraulic system on the ST-W powers the dosing roller and the screw conveyors. The spreading width is adjusted as required using pneumatically operated slide valves.

For easy and convenient transportation to the usage location, schäfer-technic offers a compatible air-suspension transport trailer. No additional crane is required, which significantly reduces setup times.



Gravitational chipping spreader for attachment
type ST-A 2500

  • For even distribution of chippings,
    fine gravel, coarse sand etc.
  • For various truck tipper bodies
  • Practical and variable attachment system
  • Sectional adjustment of spreading quantity
  • Max. working width 2,500 mm
  • Dismantling not required for road transport


Roller wide chipping spreader
Type ST-W 3,000/3,500

  • Chipping spreader with large area coverage
  • Practical, variable attachment system for
    trucks including different heights
  • Forward and reverse spreading
  • Even dosing regardless
    of speed
  • Individually controllable slide valves
  • Two-part hydraulically operated
    chipping spreading screw
  • Basic working width 3,000 mm
    optional widening to 3,500 mm
  • Folding work platform with
    guard rail
  • Optional: Air-suspension
    transport trailer

Chipping spreader in action


Surface dressing involves applying a hot binding agent or bitumen emulsions, and then spreading coarse aggregate. Bond coat spraying can also be carried out with a bitumen sprayer and chippings can be added in a separate operation. Alternatively, a single combined machine can carry out both of these functions. 

As well as chipping spreaders, schäfer-technic supplies bitumen sprayers, surface dressing machines and repair trains for these kinds of applications.


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