Strong support for sealing works

SRF joint milling machine, SFB joint brush and FL-B hot-air lance

Before joints or cracks can be sealed, they have to be prepared. Joint treatment products from schäfer-technic have a proven track record in efficient and professional work.

The right tool is the only way to achieve optimum preparation for sealing your cracks and joints with your LS pouring cooker.

In the asphalt field, SRF joint milling machines are ideal for milling out cracks. Our extraction function with double cyclone reliably picks up milled material, dust and dirt and keeps the milling track clean.

The FL-B joint hot-air lance has a dual effect: It cleans cracks and heats up crack edges to simplify the subsequent bonding with binding agent. This significantly increases efficiency and work quality.

The SFB joint brush is available for professional cleaning of concrete joints. The motorised machine has a height-adjustable special joint brush made of high performance steel wire.

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Joint milling machine type SRF 900-Z

  • Continuous hydraulic drive
  • Seat for the operator with all
    control elements
  • Milling with special diamond milling disc
  • Hydraulic lifting and lowering of the
    milling disc
  • Extraction unit for milled material with
    double cyclone for lost dust working


Joint hot-air lance type FL-B

  • Reliable blowing out, cleaning and
  • drying of joints and cracks
  • Improved bonding of substrate
    and grouting compound
  • Simple, robust and reliable design
  • Convenient handling
  • For connection to a site compressor


Sealing technology methods use polymer-modified bitumen products for sealing cracks, joints and surfaces. Specially adapted machines are necessary for processing these materials. They enable professional work and repairs to be carried out in compliance with relevant standards.

The schäfer-technic range includes sealing cookers, laying machines for surface sealing, milling machines and more.


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