Bitumen tank trailer for transport and intermediate storage on the construction site

With the schäfer-technic bitumen tanks, all usual road binding agents such as bitumen and bitumen emulsion UN3257/3256 can be transported and be used on the construction site as a mobile storage tank. Tank capacities up to 30,000 liters equipped with different heating systems are available. 

The tank trailer can be customized technically so that they are equipped with an independent diesel engine as drive for pump unit and heater. The gentle binder heating can be done with an electric oil burner or with an indirect thermal oil heating system.

The pump unit fulfills all functions such as filling, circulating, draining and in special cases also a dosing function.

Binder tanks are available as a fixed structure or change system on trucks, all versions with the same technical equipment.

The binding agent is kept carefully at the desired operating temperature and can thus be used at any time for processing on the road construction site.