Chips Spreader for high-quality surface treatment

The schäfer-technic chips spreader with roller supply system type ST-W is a good chips distributor for surface treatment with large area efficiency and precise metering accuracy over the full working width. Attaching of the spreader is carried out easy via a variable mounting system. The spreader can be fitted to any conventional truck tipper. The drive of the chip metering roller and the auger is effected hydraulically. The spreading width can be adjusted to the desired working width. The operator can stay with the truck driver in eye contact during reverse movement to increase the security.

Because of the even chip-dosage the unbound fraction of chippings will be reduced. This results in less loose chippings.

The schäfer-technic chips spreader type ST-A is a gravitational chips spreader used for small surface treatments or for scattering of supporting grain. The mounting is easy and can be fitted to many tipper bodies very quickly.