Bitumen Sprayer for high-quality surface treatment

The schäfer-technic Bitumen Sprayers are manufactured using the latest state of technology and the current site requirements, thus ensuring a practical work routine and are standard for accurate dosage of binder for high-quality surface treatment.

The processing of standard road construction binding agents as bitumen emulsion, bitumen, polymer bitumen and special bitumen (according to ADR up to max. 225°C) is possible.

The Bitumen Sprayer is distinguished by an accurate and consistent dosage and spray results and is equipped with measuring instruments and advanced practically oriented control technology. Thereby high efficiency will be reached and possible application fields to a large area which will be sprayed with the highest quality.

By sensor-controlled dosing the required quantities of binding agents are fulfilled without restriction on the entire working width. Further via the computer control all relevant technical data, such as spray pressure and temperature, etc., and also values of the environment, such as air temperature, soil temperature and humidity etc. can be stored with the help of GPS coordinates to make a later analysis. An environmentally conscious use is possible through the innovative low-pressure spraying technology whereby a reduction of the spray mist is possible. With the Bitumen Sprayers also impregnations, pre-spray work or special construction methods can be performed. Through the ergonomically designed handling and control, the machine is easy to use and the safety at work is increased. The machine will meet each requirement by selecting of various equipment options.