Building site machinery and equipment for the processing and sealing of concrete and asphalt

The range of machinery for sealing technology covers the entire field of asphalt sealing and parts of concrete sealing. The machinery and equipment was developed for use on building sites and for the professional repairs of cracks and joints.

The melting cookers are suitable for all sealing materials containing bitumen such as road marking materials, mastic asphalt, repair compound and new technical equivalent materials. The cookers are heated indirectly and are equipped with a mixing mechanism to ensure that the compound can be heated gently yet rapidly. The sealing compound is pumped directly into the damaged area by a special pump system for automatic pouring.

By selecting different variants and equipment options, for example, chassis, self-drive, edge spraying device, compressor etc. the machinery can meet any requirements. The delivery program also includes machinery for preparations to joints, cracks and surfaces to obtain professional sealing.

Different machine concepts were developed for treating cracks and joints in asphalt and concrete surfaces to ensure professional and economical processing and to provide concepts suitable for building sites.
The joint milling machine and joint lance ensure clean and perfect preparation of asphalt surfaces. The joint brush, on the other hand, is suitable for optimum treatment of concrete joints and is available with different drives and brush widths.