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In close collaboration with our customer we developed various types of Tack/Bond-Coating Machines for optimizing the bond between the asphalt courses – as well as of Joint-Spraying Machines to improve the sealing of its joints and flanks.

The schäfer-technic BSM Tack/Bond-Coating Machines transport, warm-up and spray standard bituminous binders of non hazardous classification.

Our Tack/Bond-Coating Machines meet all German corresponding regulations. Due to the requirements at common construction size there are available capacities of the binder tank of up to 12 000 liters and a spray-bar width of appr. 4,6 m.

Exactly keeping the required spraying rate of bituminous emulsion is the key for a high quality cohesion between the asphalt courses and for long durability of the road structure.

Our Spraying technology exactly controls the flow bituminous binder during the entire spraying application.