Combination machines for all-over surface treatment

The schäfer-technic laying machine type OB-VARIO is built according to the state of the art and construction requirements. Thus ensure a practically oriented workflow and set high-quality standards for surface treatment. Handling of all standard types of binders and high-grade chippings are possible.

The machines are characterised by their high level of operating efficiency and wide range of possible uses to achieve surface finishes meeting the highest quality standards. With these machines, high quality surface treatment is possible on the entire road network, such as interstate, county- and connecting-roads, agriculture-roads and within cities. The automatic loading facility is a boon on the construction site, enabling the chippings to be taken directly from the tipper truck to the hopper. The machine remains on the construction site. Hereby the work efficiency and the daily output will increase. The sensor-controlled automatic metering unit allows the required quantities of binder and chippings to be measured out without limitation across the entire working width.

Finishing the surfaces with schäfer-technic’s road surfacing machines is environmentally-friendly and causes minimum disruption to traffic. The use of such machines reduces loose chippings and increases the acceptance of surface treatment and the efficiency of material use.
The operation and control panel has been designed with ergonomic concerns in mind, making the machines simple to operate and minimising the risk of accidents.
By selecting various equipment options, the machines can meet any requirement. Even the logging of the work process is possible.