The schäfer-technic MINI-MIX machines are designed for fast and effective road repair and road maintenance.

The patented machine produces cold asphalt mixes in different grading curves, slurry seal, grave emulsion, storage cold mix asphalt, coloured cold mix asphalt.
With the used dosing control you produce a consistent and homogenous mix quality for direct installation (in situ). The machine is suitable for manual installation and qualified for installation with distribution box.

Via the new innovative operating- and controlling-system the mixer can be driven at the back into any position and distribute the mixture directly into the damaged area. The MINI-MIX has a mixing capacity of 40 kg/min for manual installation and up to 300 kg/min for the mechanical installation.

Depending on the requirements, the machine is designed as a trailer- or as a truck mounted version.

With the schäfer-technic MINI-MIX you have an economical solution for road maintenance in high-quality.