Site-tested Machinery for Micro-Surfacing (DSK) and Slurry Sealing

schäfer-technic precision surfacing equipment utilizes the latest state of the art technology to meet the practical requirements of the construction industry and achieve maximum production efficiency.
The use of time-tested equipment and measuring systems results in constant production of high quality asphalt and slurry mixes. This results in significant cost reduction.

The use of special materials reduces both equipment wear and tear and maintenance requirements, and permits extended use of equipment. Equipment design is „user friendly“ and permits easy access and handling.

The ergonomically enhanced design of the operator’s platform permits a flexible, unobstructed use of the equipment. The operator has a clear view of both the control panel and the distribution box, permitting constant control of the asphalt and slurry mixes and their application.

Our variable equipment options and applications permit a wide range of utilization and flexibility. 

Our new protected pre-spray device provides a totally new concept of constant and consistent quality control during both the layering (bond of layers) and complete installation processes.