Ideal for Localized Damage to a Road Surface

The Blow-Patcher from schäfer-technic is a state-of-the-art machine that meets the technical requirements for practical on-site operation. By using tried-and-tested components and metering units the Blow-Patcher achieves consistently accurate production of the asphalt mix. Special materials are used which minimize wear and maintenance, thereby safeguarding the machine‘s readiness for deployment. In the design phase plenty of thought went into making sure that the machine would be easy to use.

To increase the safety of the operator, the extention arm with mixing head will be installed in front of the truck. Also a handling with joy-stick is possible. The operator is able to steer and operate the arm with joy-stick directly from the driver‘s cab.

The Blow-Patcher method of road repair represents an affordable solution in high quality. A constant and reproduceable mixing quality is guaranteed by the further development of machine technology and metering unit. It can be used in a variety of ways with any type of asphalt paving, is efficient because it delivers the mix accurately to the point of failure, and is economical in its use of material and resources. The repaired section of road can be opened up to traffic again immediately.