Self-loading facility

With the innovative self-loading system, the chippings are supplied quickly into the chip hopper by every tipping chassis or semi-trailer. Chip loading on the working-site is effectively and results in a greater performance of the work. Less filler content, dirt or other pollution arises because the chippings are loaded only one-time.

Binder lateral distribution

With this metering system it is possible to apply less binder to wheel-track-areas. The operator defines the amount and makes the input of the desired dosage to the screen. The computer control calculates and then controls the respective spray nozzles, even with constantly varying widths. Application with all binders are possible.

Combination of spraying and splitting

The placement of spray-bar and chip spreader (application behind the axles), has many advantages in surface treatment with a technically high-quality. The binder is still fresh and temperated and by the rapid chipping, the process is always the same. It is possible to greatly reduce the chipping by the application behind the axle. The result is less loose chippings. During traditional spreading remains the high risk that binder adheres to the truck tires.