1. Mixing process

All components are metered and fed into the computer-controlled continuous mixer. The mineral is weighed and the binder recorded in order to get a steady mineral-asphalt mixture. The consistence of the asphalt mix is at any time steerable, depending on particular situations. Mixing-capacity of approximately 500 - 1 700 kg/min.

A - Water tank
B - Binder tank
C - Tank for pre-spraying
D - Aggregat hopper
E - Cement silo
F - Additive tank
G - 
Fiber cutter

2. Pre-Spraying

This system is applied to improve the bond of layers. It is carried out on older asphalt, concrete surfaces or at shortage of binder. This ensures that more binder is provided for the layer composite. Immediately after spraying, the asphalt is installed with the distribution box. Dosage 0.15 to 0.45 kg/min.

3. Installation of the asphalt mix

The completed material from the mixer flows over the outlet into the distribution box. The distribution box is equipped with an agitator, which keeps the mixture always in motion at variable paving width. The motion of the agitator and the design prevent an unmixing and the surface is evenly structured. With different vent strips the profile and the structure of the new pavement will be affected.